A natural products discovery research company.


The NDi team travels extensively to the most bio-diverse environments on our planet to identify new medicinal plants and compounds.

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Plant specimens are carefully collected on location and brought into the US for in-depth testing in one of our selected research laboratories.

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A great percentage of antibiotics, high blood pressure medicines and blood thinners has its origins in nature. Our goal is to bring new treatments to market.

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Natural Discoveries Founder Featured in News Story

WXII News Reporter, Michelle Kennedy, interviews Natural Discoveries' Founder, Amy Greeson about her 2016 expedition to the Congo. The video features actual footage of Amy and her Healing Seekers team in the jungles of the Congo. “Exploring remote areas of the world is not easy. Sickness and injuries are common issues we have to overcome, but arrests and lack of water were two unexpected hurdles with our recent 2016 expedition to the Congo. We look forward to furthering our new friendships and relationships in the country in working together to bring many unique medicinal and healing ingredients and products to the world,” Amy commented about the trip.

High Point University Presentation

Natural Discoveries' Founder, Amy Greeson, speaks to students at High Point University’s School of Pharmacy about her experiences exploring the planet for medical treatments and health educational materials. This discussion is presented at the inaugural lecture for the student and community health care lecture series.

Natural Discoveries in the News

Natural Discoveries' Founder, Amy Greeson, is featured in this news story discussing the work she and the Natural Discoveries' team are doing to analyze plants for their healing properties. The story also mentions her new skin care line, Seek Beauty, developed from a special plant in Latin America, to visually diminish wrinkles and dark spots.